Will & MomI adore lullabies. I believe that almost any song can be a lullaby if it is sung gently and with love. For most of us, they are the first love songs we hear. I believe we should all sing to our children, because they love the sound of our voices – it’s true. Your baby cherishes your voice and feels cherished by you when you sing. No matter how critical you are of your own voice – start singing. There is not a critical bone in your little audience’s body.

When I was a young teacher in New York City, my first job was working with 3 year olds in a full-day program. When nap time came on the first day, we couldn’t get a single child to sleep. It was a disaster. The next day, I brought in my guitar and quietly sang a few folk songs. As I walked around the room strumming and singing, I would occasionally say, “Just close your eyes and listen.” The whole class was asleep in about 15 minutes. It was magical.

That night, I went on a lullaby hunt – and I’ve been hunting ever since. I began by going to the library to get every recording and book I could find. Then I called friends to see what songs they remembered from their childhoods. I learned the lullabies I loved and discovered that many of the folk songs I sang growing worked just as well or sometimes even better. I also found that If I was interested in what I was singing, I was more engaged. When I was more engaged, the children relaxed more.

When my children were young, singing to them at bedtime was always one of my favorite times of the day. I sang two songs for them every night and I loved it at least as much as they did. It wasn’t only that they relaxed – I relaxed too – and I’m pretty sure that was an important part of the bedtime ritual. Because I was calm, they were calm too and could easily drift off to sleep. It was a chance for me to be in touch with what really mattered about being a mom.

I hope you love these lullabies and lovesongs as much as I do. These CDs are a collection of songs that are full of love – songs that inspire and give comfort. Since I know it might be you who needs to be comforted and calmed, I love choosing songs that will soothe both parent and child.

New parents are often told how children grow up so quickly, and I know from my experience that it’s true. These songs were chosen to remind us all that the time we spend comforting a child is truly precious. Even when all we really want is for that baby to go to sleep – take a deep breath and know that these are among life’s sweetest moments.

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